Putting technology to work for the greater good


Julianne is insightful about possible opportunities, but also down-to-earth in her final take on an

idea. Her communication skills are superb. She is one of the best connectors of people that I have

witnessed. — Kathy Fleenor / Market Analyst



Julianne matches her uncanny understanding of science and technology with an impressive business acumen to help entrepreneurs, inventors, and executives through the process of identifying key audiences, key concepts, and key messages.— John Rooks / President, The SOAP Group



Julianne has the rare gift of being so intelligent, articulate, and engaging that her input was spot-on

but concise and it was always a pleasure to be critiqued by her.

—Lynley Sides / CEO, The Glue Network



Julianne impresses with her extraordinarily wide range of experience in the field of clean energy,
and in building up and managing strategy and communication processes, especially in early-stage companies.— Christine Burger / Senior Manager, Consumer Communication, Loyalty Partner GmbH

If you’re launching, running, or funding a company putting technology to work for the greater good, I’d love to see you succeed.  I might even be able to help.  Please find me through my LinkedIn profile.


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